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About Us

We are SEO consultants specialized in search engine optimizations for any website. We have helped many businesses to get more visitors. We also help to improve the conversion rate. We can help your business to achieve this too.

Our company is located in Mattersburg (Austria) and we have more than 20 years experience in SEO


SEO-Help.net is an ASP.NET Core web application, served by the new Webserver "Kestrel". ASP.NET Core and Kestrel are developed by Microsoft.

The CMS of SEO-Help.net and the SEO Validator are developed by us using C# as the programming language and Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2017 as the IDE.


The most important tool of SEO-Help.net is our SEO Validator which was developed from scratch. With the SEO validator it is possible to validate any website against several rules which matter for SEO. For more information go to our SEO Validator Documentation

Need help?

In case of any questions just visit our SEO Forum or get in contact with us.