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Breadcrumb Navigation

Breadcrumb navigations are de-facto-standard in the Internet. Strange enough many users even don´t have the associated picture in their mind when you ask them what is a breadcrumb navigation. Independently of that such navigations are very popular and useful. Breadcrumbs are user and search engine friendly and help for a better navigation on a website and you as a website user know immediately where you are.

For this page the associated breadcrumb navigation looks like this:

With those breadcrumbs you know which article you are reading and that it belongs to the category "Google Ranking Factors". It might be that you are interested in other Google Ranking Factors as well. Thanks to the intuitive navigation you can jump there easily.

Advantages of Breadcrumbs

  • The user knows any time where he is at the moment
  • With just one click the user can navigate to parent pages
  • A breadcrumb navigation is intuitive and self-explanatory
  • Breadcrumbs don´t need much space
  • They are easy to integrate, see above video
  • They are rendered fast, so no bad impact on the overall website performance. Smart CMS are even caching breadcrumbs, so that the link hiearchy is not be calculated every time

Do you have breadcrumbs already activated on your site? If not, you should do it definitely. From our experience we can tell you that it helps to improve the overall user experience and users tend to stay longer as they are not lost on your website.

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