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SEO Glossary

... all common words related to SEO explained in few sentences

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SEO:  ^

SEO is the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is about allowed actions you can do as a webmaster, so that your website ranks better in the SERPs.

SERPs:  ^

SERPs is the abbreviation for Search Engine Result Pages. Those pages are very well known because you see them all the time when you do a search in one of the search engines.

Sitemap:  ^

A Sitemap provides users and search engines a good overview about the structure of a website. The best way is to provide a sitemap in 2 ways. One in a XML format for search engines and the other one as HTML for users.

SSL:  ^

Secure Sockets Layer, is the old name for the new description Transport Layer Security, which is used so that traffic over the Internet is done in a secure manner.

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