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SEO Validator Documentation

This is the online documentation for our SEO Validator.

The main tool of SEO-Help.net is our SEO validator which was developed from scratch. With the SEO validator it is possible to validate any website against several rules which are relevant for SEO.

The website to be checked will be validated against several validation rules, which are the following:

  • On-Page
  • Off-Page
  • Performance
  • Google Page Speed
  • Technical validations
  • and many other checks ...


Technology behind the SEO validator

The validator is based on ASP.NET Core which is a web framework developed by Microsoft. The SEO validator consists of many checks which are modular implemented.

Every single check can be enabled or disabled in case there are issues. A couple of checks depend on external API´s, in case the exteral service is down we can disable the particular check.

Wanna get our SEO Validator on your website?

Since beginning we implemented the SEO validator as a white label solution. This means that our SEO validator can be easily plugged in also on your website with your styles and your layout.

If you´re interested just get in contact with us


The usage of the SEO Analyzer is very simple. Just enter the url of the website you want to check. The url has to be entered with the leading http:// or https://. Furthermore we request a Captcha code from you but that´s everything. With this 2 provided details you can analyze any website for free.

Idea behind SEO-Help.net

Why did we launch SEO-Help.net? Because we want to help people in the area of SEO. With a dedicated website which is just about SEO, we can focus on SEO and provide as much as help as needed.

There are so many SEO Analyzers available in the Internet, why did we develop another online SEO checker? Well, first we want to provide SEO validation outcomes in such a way which we think will be helpful for everyone. Another reason for having our own SEO checker is, that we get another view on the SEO topic, which helps us also to extend our own SEO knowledge. When programming a SEO validator you have to really think on a deep technical level. Different validation checks require different design patterns or different solutions.


For more information about the history of our SEO validator check out the changelog


In case of further questions you can post a message in our SEO Forum or send us a message.